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Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Tom Hampson

December 16, 2020
Tom Hampson spent 31 years working for CWS, first as associate director of their Global Education Office and then serving in various capacities in the areas of communications, marketing and fundraising. He retired from CWS in 2014 and returned to the town where he had grown up, Modesto, California.
While he was baptized into the Catholic Church, Tom's religious upbringing was more ecumenical since his dad was Methodist and his mom was Catholic. He attended the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana earning a Bachelor’s and later a Master’s degree in Theology. His interest in things religious was sparked by a sophomore year spent in Japan, where he studied Buddhism and Japanese culture.
After his retirement from CWS, he graduated from the School for Deacons at CDSP in Berkeley in May of 2019, and was ordained to the vocational Diaconate on November 16th at the Cathedral in Fresno. At present he is the Deacon at St. John the Baptist in Lodi, California. Tom also serves as the Co-Chair of the Immigration Commission for the Diocese and Episode 17 of our podcast Walk Talk Listen will reveal, he is still very active in his community and still trying to walk the talk. Please don't forget to like, review, share our podcast that you can find via: walktalklisten.podbean.com or Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcast or Audible/Amazon. And yes, as Tom says, you can still support the 100 mile campaign by going to www.100mile.org or by directly going to the campaign page. You can also follow and like us via twitter, facebook or instagram