Walk Talk Listen Podcast

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Seungah Jeong (episode 33)

March 31, 2021
An extra long podcast episode with President and CEO, Seungah Jeong of the company MPOWERD to make this Women's History Month extra special. Seungah has spent her career shaping global brands and driving them toward success.  She’s a pro at managing teams, leading retail partnerships and building things from scratch, especially when it comes to small business. A company co-founder in her own right, Seungah brings to MPOWERD two decades of consumer goods experience, balancing a keen eye for design with a sharp business acumen. With a background in philosophy and environmental studies, she’s passionate about the potential companies have to create positive impact. In her spare time, Seungah's an avid reader, runner and kickboxer – and she's even been known to bust a move!
Real Leaders, a digital and print magazine has been recognizing the business leaders creating a positive social and environmental impact for over a decade. In celebration of Women’s History Month, they highlighted 100 women who are leading us towards a brighter future and Seungah is on their list! A lot of reasons to make this last episode of the Women's History Month an extra long one! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.
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