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Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Myrna James (episode 44)

June 16, 2021
Myrna James has owned Blueline Publishing LLC and Apogeo Spatial magazine for 16 years. As publisher of Apogeo Spatial magazine, she has gained a unique macro view of the satellite and space industry. The Apogeo Spatial mission is to communicate the power of geospatial tools and technologies in managing the world’s scarce resources and environment, so that the global population has security—of water, food and energy. Apogeo focuses on long-term sustainability and security of the planet and people. We provide visual intelligence elevating global awareness. Business, government and academic professionals find the information—and inspiration—for using geospatial tools to build a more sustainable world. With the fresh, relevant insights from expert contributors, stunning visuals and clear examples of the technologies, those who make critical policy and business decisions about the world’s resources will understand the power of remotely sensed data. Apogeo Spatial is the new name of what was Imaging Notes magazine for more than two decades. She recently interviewed Dr. Steven Waterhouse (7), founder of Orchid Labs and you will be able to read it soon on her website.
In this episode she refers to a movie of Gabor Mate: The Wisdom of Trauma.
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