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Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Maria Clara Magalhães (episode 41)

May 26, 2021
Maria Clara Magalhães is the co-founder of the Startup Be.Labs empowering women entrepreneurs in Brazil with leadership skills connecting them with mentors and provides training on developing business plans and pitching investors. Clara is a Futures Engineer and Activist Tech Entrepreneur, her enthusiasm, passion and drive is infectious .Clara is trained and educated as a peace builder and she wishes to dedicate her life to use her skills and knowledge in complex problem solving to bring social impact and freedom of the feminine. She engineers creative, strategic solutions to business problems.  Be.Labs is awarded by UN Women and IEEE Entrepreneurship. The company is one of the first exclusive accelerators for women in Brazil, working towards fostering gender equity and economic power for women.Futures design and entrepreneurial expertise are in our core and alongside our acceleration program for women entrepreneurs, we offer exclusive virtual workshops and we develop a triple approach to the management of unconscious biases.
If you want to know even more about Clara after listening to the podcast, check out a recent interview with her: https://spectrum.ieee.org/the-institute/ieee-member-news/this-startup-is-empowering-women-entrepreneurs-in-brazil-with-leadership-skills
You can find Clara and her company on twitter: https://twitter.com/be_labs, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bemcla/ and https://www.instagram.com/be.labs/
They also have a Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/furacanizando
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