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Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Isabella Alexander-Nathani

December 23, 2020
Isabella Alexander-Nathani is an award-winning writer, filmmaker, educator, and human rights activist. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, her work is motivated by her belief that storytelling has the power to humanize complex political issues and bring positive social change. Her latest book, Burning at Europe’s Borders (Oxford University Press, 2020) and related documentary film The Burning (Small World Films, 2021) uncovered the human sides of our global migrant and refugee crisis. She currently serves as Founder and CEO of Small World Films, a non-profit production studio, which uses grounded research and social impact storytelling to lift the voices of marginalized populations to the global stage and fight for international policy change. Her book, her film and this interview occur as we're standing in the middle of the largest humanitarian crisis of our time with nearly 1 in every 100 people in the world has been forced to flee their home. Over half of those who are displaced are children. Those fleeing war and extreme poverty across the African continent make up the largest population of migrants and refugees. This story is about people with names and Isabella brings to life the untold story of Africa's migrant and refugee crisis. For more information check out her website.
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