Walk Talk Listen Podcast

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with David Beckmann

December 26, 2020
David Beckmann is President Emeritus of Bread for the World and Founder and President Emeritus of the Alliance to End Hunger. David is working in new ways for political and spiritual change to move us out of the pandemic in a way that includes progress against hunger and poverty.  As President of Bread for the World 1991-2020, he led millions of people in successful advocacy with Congress. He was awarded the World Food Prize for his contribution to the world’s progress against hunger.  David sees the liberation of hundreds of millions of people from poverty over the last generation as an experience of our loving God and an invitation to do our part. In this podcast, I ask David to elaborate on his view on the Sustainable Development Goals (more known as Global Goals) especially with regard to the US. He  also shares his view on the status of US politics and has advice on that will require a lot of work from all. Consider subscribing to his website, if you want posts and other news emailed to you about his work. He hopes you will share your thoughts and insights, so that you learn from each other. David is a big fan of my organization and we are thankful for his "commercial" during this episode.
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