Walk Talk Listen Podcast

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Cory Donovan (episode 42)

June 2, 2021
Cory Donovan is the executive director of Impactphl (an organization assisting people to align their financial assets with their values) and the guest of episode 42 of the #walktalklisten #podcast. ImpactPHL‘s mission is to increase investment in impact companies and organizations in Greater Philadelphia by accelerating development and awareness of Greater Philadelphia’s Impact Economy ecosystem and potential, and provide a front door for the region’s impact economy efforts and interests. It’s an ecosystem that supports the work of both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises that address social needs in the community; through the products and services they produce, and the processes and strategies they employ. Cory shares the importance and power of your investments (like your pension) outside of your vote in creating systematic change.
Cory mentions and refers to a lot of organizations, people and initiatives, we list a couple here: the book of Amy Cortese , Summer of Funds initiative is coming this summer identifying opportunities to invest in local responsible impact organizations; crowdfunding investing (WeFunder, Republic, HoneyComb, and Sharswood) and Social Enterprises (WearWell, Innamed, Mosaic Real Estate, Projects and ROAR for Good) . He also refers to an investment tool from As You Sow. Feel free to contact Cory if you want more information about ImpactPHL, Cory's email: cory@impactphl.org
Don't forget to check our Spotify Playlist #WalkTalkListen consisting of songs chosen by our podcast guests. Cory does a shout out to the group Digital Underground especially Shock G who recently passed away. 
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