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Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Abhay Singh Sachal (episode 22)

January 13, 2021
In July 2016, Abhayjeet Singh Sachal traveled to the Arctic through the Students on Ice Foundation.  Upon returning from the expedition, he looked into the issue more. Inuit suicide rates are 11 times the national average. In general, Aboriginal communities suffer while the rest of Canada thrives. The personal connections he made during the expedition were all so strong that he realized he needed to do something about these issues affecting his new friends. After brainstorming possible solutions to the issue with his brother, Sukhmeet Singh Sachal, they came up with Break The Divide - an international network of students that would connect, communicate, and create change. At present Abhay is a student at the University of Toronto and continuous to lead Break The Divide while also being an activist and pianist. You can follow him on instagram, twitter, facebook and listen to his own podcast Different Boat, Same Storm.
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