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Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Charlotte Cape

The CROP Hunger Walks of CWS celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and although still going strong, one of the challenges for the walks trying to end hunger both in the US as well as around the world is to find the next generation of CROP Hunger Walk leaders and coordinators. Sophomore Charlotte Cape is one of those bright lights of the future not only ensuring that this year's walk still took place despite the Covid-19 challenges, but also because she fights for equality in the world, pushes herself to continuously learn and grow while challenging us to do the same. She will make you smile and hopeful. 

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Janani Shivakumar

Janani Shivakumar, a High School junior, founded Girls Play Global at the age of 14 after realizing that girls in India lack adequate equipment and facilities to play sports. She was prompted to start this initiative when she was made aware of the presence of gender discrimination in rural parts of India. She believes that there is plenty of talent in India, especially in rural communities, but there is not enough encouragement from society. To break such barriers, Girls Play Global was formed. Her ability to articulate her thoughts on religion and spirituality is pretty incredible and she also doesn’t shun away from giving faith leaders advice on how to engage themselves with the younger generation. Clearly if Janani  is an example of what we can expect from the younger generation, then we have a lot to be thankful and hopeful for. Check her website: www.girlsplayglobal.org

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Tara Wild

Tara Wild is a story teller, women's educator and a songstress who reconnected with her ancestors and the earth. She believes that we have a unique opportunity in this lifetime to remember and reclaim what the patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism have tried to take from us.. the deep knowing that we are a wild force of nature. She invites us on journey of discovery, to find out more please listen to episode 8 of our podcast and check out her website: www.tara-wild.com

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Father Dustin Lyon

Father Dustin Lyon explains about a couple of trends he sees with regard to the youth of his Greek Orthodox Church including some youth who are rejection religion as they are of the opinion that the institution didn't live up to its calling. We also talk about Covid-19 and how it has forced the church out of its comfort zone. For the people at home, it means thinking about living out their faith and bringing it home. Father ends with telling us that life is short and we need to find union with the divine. Put your ego aside. 

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Mary Kate Costello

Mary Kate Costello is a policy analyst with an incredible experience in dealing with youth related policies and program issues. She is very concerned about people not being able to work and collaborate with each other anymore, that it needs to be an either/or instead of both/and and this will lead to hampering (if not regressing) our growth as human beings. We also talk with her about youth and their thoughts on spirituality and religion realizing that these two concepts have different connotations for many youth. 

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Mayesha Alam

This is the first episode in this series that puts someone who brings the youth perspective into the limelight, Mayesha Alam. She shares her passion to fight against inequalities and injustices of all kinds, but in particular against women and girls. Women should be regarded as agents of change. Another injustice she reminds us of is that people who are displaced due to environmental degradation or climate change are not recognized  as refugees by international treaties and policy framework which means that protections that other refugees have don't necessarily apply to them. Plenty food for thought. And yes, she also talks about youth and spirituality. 

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Rev. Dr. Michael ReidTrice

Michael compares the 100 mile with a pilgrimage during which the deeper walk in the interior of the self is even more important. He also explains that we all need wonder and awe for growth and the young generations is also aware of this even though they might not express it. He reminds us that all people should be allowed to walk unhindered and when they can't, we need to stand in solidarity with them. 

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Anwar Khan

President of Islamic Relief USA, Anwar Khan shares how his close to death experience further motivated him to do good in this world. He also explains organized religion and faith. A very remarkable talk with a remarkable person. 

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Dr. Azza Karam

Azza Karam shares that she is inspired by the youth and we can't ignore the interfaith youth movement, while at the same time warning that we can't just generalize youth, like we can't the elderly. Also listen carefully how she explains that we are going through a moment of transition while she concludes with a moment of reflection. 

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Rev. Dr. Earl Trent, Jr.

In the first episode of Walk Talk Listen, we meet Rev. Dr. Earl Trent, Jr. and learn about his drive in life and what he hopes we will do to make this world a little bit better. 

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