Walk Talk Listen Podcast

Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Janani Shivakumar

October 21, 2020

Janani Shivakumar, a High School junior, founded Girls Play Global at the age of 14 after realizing that girls in India lack adequate equipment and facilities to play sports. She was prompted to start this initiative when she was made aware of the presence of gender discrimination in rural parts of India. She believes that there is plenty of talent in India, especially in rural communities, but there is not enough encouragement from society. To break such barriers, Girls Play Global was formed. Her ability to articulate her thoughts on religion and spirituality is pretty incredible and she also doesn’t shun away from giving faith leaders advice on how to engage themselves with the younger generation. Clearly if Janani  is an example of what we can expect from the younger generation, then we have a lot to be thankful and hopeful for. Check her website: www.girlsplayglobal.org