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About The 100 Mile Walk

October 16, 2020

In March 2012, Maurice A. Bloem embarked on a walk of 100 miles through Southern California. Bloem, Executive Vice President of CWS, knew that the urgency of the world's hunger crisis called for action on the part of every person.

Inspired by the spirit of volunteerism behind the CWS-sponsored CROP Hunger Walk, a community-organized charity event that takes place in over 800 locations across the U.S. each year, he set out on his own journey.

Over the next week he visited local food banks, met with CROP Walk volunteers and community leaders, and uploaded daily video blogs about his progress. He was also interviewed by local media outlets. Since then, the 100 Mile Hunger Walk has become an annual event taking part in not only different regions of the U.S., but also outside of the U.S. 

During this yearly individual/personal campaign, Bloem invites people to walk with him for a few hours while talking about the purpose of life, religion, spirituality, sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, worries, hopes etc. As Bloem needed to walk alone during the 2020 100 mile campaign, he started a podcast called Walk Talk Listen, so that he could still walk virtually with a number of guests. Now, he speaks on a weekly basis with young and more senior leaders from different backgrounds and walks of life. The objective is to connect people around the world and to show that everyone's perspective is true, albeit partial. Connecting might lead to listening and talking and even to walking and/or taking actions to make this world a bit better.

Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes

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