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Virtual Walk Talk Listen with Kristin Andrus (episode 23)

January 20, 2021
Kristin Andrus was born and raised in California, US but lives in Utah now. She calls herself the Chief Culture Officer in her home to 6 kids, but she is also known as an exercise maniac (she is behind Free YouTube Home Workout) and is a virtual mentor of many of her social media followers (84K instagram followers). She also partakes in the company Traeger grills which is led by her husband, CEO Jeremy Andrus. Last but not least, Kristin is passionate about philanthropy and there is hardly any day that she is not trying to help, mentor and work with people who are less fortunate. Her energy is contagious and uplifting and always speaks from her heart, also in this podcast. She ends the podcast with a very important tip for all of us.
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